Thursday, April 26, 2007

More April happenings

Aunt Suzie was here for the first two weeks of April. We had outstanding weather and "sakura" were in full bloom. These pictures were taken in Kamakura.

As for my failing has nothing to do with horrible all comes down to the "curse of the babes in Boston gear". I'm convinced the Yankees would have won all four games of last weekends series had Suzie not brought this contraband in to my house!!!! So here's the photo of "high treason" at the Guerreros.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Very Busy April

We have had a very eventful April. Aunt Sue Sue was here for two weeks and we spent a week on the island of Kyushu (where the boys were born). But when I asked Andrew what we should talk about first he replied...."tell them I can ride without the training wheels". What happened to my sweet baby? He looks so big riding his bike. His other big news he wants to share....he has a "wiggly tooth". The girl in his class got $2, 3 quarters (3 .25 cents as Andrew likes to put it) and 100 yen for her tooth. And he is sure his is worth atleast 500 yen. We are getting back in to our routine now that we are home and I'll update soon with more pictures of our trip and Suzie's visit.