Thursday, October 12, 2006

Got Sushi?

Here are pictures from our favorite "Sushi Go-round". The menu is computerized and if you don't see what you want coming around you can order off the computer screen. When your item is ready it comes on top of a "beeping" red plate. Of course it knows to beep in front of the computer it was ordered from. The fun thing is that when you are finished with your plate you feed it into a slot that counts your plates. Every 5th plate there is an arcade like game that plays and if you win you get a prize. We have yet to win a prize but Andrew loves it. And once he has lost he wants us to eat 5 more plates so he can try again. The good news...all plates are 100 yen.

Can you see the computer screen with your sushi selections?

And this is Andrew with his full sushi belly (and soy sauce stain) outside the Sushi Restaurant. Tanya this is the restaurant I found when I looked for your favorite "race track" restaurant. I was told this one has only been around for about 5 months but it's exactly where you told me to go. HMMMMM????

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sports Day

This past Sunday was the 59th annual Seika Kindergarten "Sports Day". We had beautiful weather for the event. Andrew really enjoyed it. The pictures are not the best but I think you get the idea.

Andrew came in third in this race.

How cute is he?

This was his musical number. Can you tell which one he is? No? This was my problem all day. All dressed alike they look like little soldiers. Tanya put it best...very similar to looking for your husband on the rails when the ship comes in...they all look alike.

My brownies were a hit and were the first to sell out. I showed up to do my hour at the booth and they had too many volunteers. At first I was a little disappointed that I would not get a chance to practice my Japanese but that quickly turned to relief when I realized that the "booth" was 12 inches off the ground and had they needed my help I would have had to "assume the position" (that famous Japanese squat). After an hour I would have needed a crane to get me up :)

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Who Knew...

this was Tahini?

After much discussion in the court in front of my house about the things I wish I could buy in Japan, my Japanese neighbor goes inside and returns with this jar. This is Japanese Sesame paste. I am so excited about this "FIND" that I can not even put it in to words. This is the good news...bad news...this same neighbor left for the states this morning (husband is attending a school) and won't be back until 29 December...I was just getting ready to really "tap" in to this source and now she's gone....agh!!! I hope she has no plans for January! :)

I will upload "Sports Day" pictures later this afternoon when Andrew is in school.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


It's that time again. Plastic Eddie could really use your support. Follow this link


that's what I bought at the bazaar! Very uneventful. It had all the same things as last time. Tanya, I'm curious did you feel disappointed at the bazaar your second tour? And yes...It is the ugliest furniture on earth. Amazing they sell any of it. There were some beautiful antique pieces but who can afford them. And even if one could afford them how could you ever trust the military to move it?

Andrew's school is having it's 59th annual "sport's day" on Saturday and I will spend the week baking for the "mother's association's" bake sale. By volunteering two different types of cookies/brownies I've earned one of the "very limited" parking passes. WOO HOO!!! BAKING....that's my kind of volunteering. I have also agreed to man the "bakery booth" for an hour. I've selfishly done this to practice my Japanese.

Free parking and a free Japanese conversation lesson? WHO'S HELPING WHO????

Stacey...I hope you make it to the Art show and that Tanya can break in to A's very busy exercise schedule to meet you....What fun!!!

With the start of the MLB postseason I just have to end this with