Friday, November 13, 2009

The Official Countdown!

We officially received orders this past week. We can ready ourselves for our move home to Virginia Beach. Although we are extremely excited to be near family, friends, and have all the conveniences that the states bring, this will be a bittersweet move. When we departed Japan in 2003 I knew in my heart that we'd be back. I know leaving this time, we won't call Japan home again. We are looking at our last four months in Japan. What???? I have a LOT of shopping to do first. :) Those of you who know me, know that I'm not talking shoes and handbags here! There won't be a craft, yarn, or kitchen store that is safe from me in the coming weeks. House pack out is scheduled for the 19-20 January. (that actually gives me less time for shopping)

For my 2 or 3 regular (and patient) blog readers I plan to share my favorite Japan places and people weekly until we leave. Yes, that's right new blog posts. Can you believe it? Me either. But I'm optimistic.

Without further ado I present...

MooMoos is located in Zushi (the town we live in) near the shin-zushi train station. The owner is a very nice man who speaks English. He will often say "I've missed you" if we haven't been in a while. I know I've blogged about MooMoos in the past but we love it so that I thought I'd highlight it again. It is a small little shop with only a couple of tables. The ice cream is all natural with no artificial flavors. There are only two flavor options EVER. Milk flavor is the staple. The flavor of the week changes every Friday and it is usually something that is seasonal. Some of my favorites...pumpkin and coco. Andrew just mentioned that his favorites are melon, peach, and strawberry. The owner is quite adventuresome and has had some crazy flavors before. I haven't tried all his off the wall flavors but he was quite adamant once that I try his Gorgonzola creation. Sounded crazy but tasted like cheese cake ice cream. Sign below states coco is the flavor of the week. Both boys on this day chose to swirl the coco with the milk flavor! OISHII DESU!!!!


Tanya said...

Oh My Goodness!!! Where do I start????

First of all, you are doing all of that in Japanese, aren't you? Very, very impressive, Patty. VERY. LOVE that you can read that chalkboard specials' sign.

I will breeze by my urge to hassle you ;-) for not talking about MooMoo's before and instead say that I can see why you love it. The sign is over-the-top and what you describe about the specials and the ingredients and the flavors....super. Not to mention that you're such good friends with the owner!

The boys are so beautiful, Patty.... :-)

I am looking forward to the next installment -- and I completely felt my stomach drop for you in sympathy when you wrote out the FOUR MONTHS. Here's to making them a "four month vacation" -- filled with all those fiber shops you love. And I get to read about it!!! Hooray!

Karen said...

For starters, I have to say that MooMoo (although we spell it MuMu) means something totally different in this house! Haha! Just ask Ethan and he'll set you straight! I have told you by phone, but must officially add here, my JOY at the thought of having you and my dear boys back at "the Beach". Four months will just fly by, and we can't wait!

Loved seeing the photos and hearing about your adventurous ice cream vendor!

A, E, e, a said...

ooohhhh... I can't wait to see more blogs from you. I miss Moo-Moo's too! Enjoy the last few months and tons of great shopping before you go!