Sunday, January 17, 2010

"O" is for Onsen!

and oh how I love the onsen! It is definitely in the top THREE of things I'll miss most about Japan!

Here is a little write up courtesy of

"Natural hot springs (onsen) are numerous and highly popular across Japan. Every region of the country has its share of hot springs and resort towns, which come with them.

Hot spring baths come in many varieties, indoors and outdoors, gender separated and mixed, developed and undeveloped. A visit to an onsen is a highly recommended experience to any visitor of Japan."

A very important fact that is omitted in the above reference is that bathing suits are not allowed unless specified. We do frequent the Yunessan which is a "bathing suit" facility. It has more of an outdoor water park atmosphere than a traditional onsen.

This video is of a more traditional onsen.
(I can't get it to link...sorry you'll have to "cut and paste")

Here are my boys at the Yunessan...

Here is my Aunt Sue Sue and myself at a traditional onsen in Izu.

We love this silly picture! The hats are to keep you dry when it rains! What? Dry????!!!


Alistair said...

Hey! THERE you are!

What a great memory....those Onsens are irreplaceable (sp? whatever...) and I can tell you from personal experience that you most definately WILL miss those.


That's why it's so important for you to go as often as possible in the next 44 days!!

Unbelievable how L O N G Andrew is. Although, if I'm honest, I'll admit Eliza has the same dimensions....I just don't notice it until I'm covering her up at night, or she's still, and I see these long, long, long legs stretched out.....sorry for rubbing it in about the growing up. ha ha!

Ethan is so cute in that sufer-bathing suit. :-)

SUCH a great post -- and I love how you pasted in the description, too!

Hey -- are you on Ravelry?

This is NOT Alistair -- he has merely hijacked my account somehow with his default settings ;-)....

love instead from, TANYA

Karen said...

I didn't know this was "THAT KIND" of website!!! What's with those naked ladies!?!? I think those hats are the most hilarious thing ever!!

suzanirene said...

Never thought I'ld have my picture posted on the web and naked too!!!!What a great weekend we had, I'll miss visiting Japan, but glad you are coming home!!! Love You!!! Aunt Sue Sue

A, E, e, a said...

Oohhhh...I love it! I miss the Onsens, too. 36 days until you come back to the USA- yay! Enjoy the last few weeks there.

A, E, e, a said...

I just re-read this and have to ask what are your other two things you'll miss the most? base housing, the rainy season, getchi-getchis?...

Patty said...

AHH Erica,

You'll have to come back and check out the blog. The top two will be posted sometime after we finish up our awesome Singapore/Thailand vacation. I'm currently enjoying the sun and food of Hua Hin, Thailand. I have quite enjoyed all the snow photos lately from friends in Ikego, Va Beach, and Roanoke. Don't miss it a bit. I'm headed to the pool! ;-)

Tanya said...

I'm also looking forward to more posts. I figure you've got enough ammo for one post each day over the next month.

No pressure, though. :-)

Also - when you have time to re-set your Knitting Meter, I really think you would like Ravelry....a lot. A lot.