Thursday, February 11, 2010

Southern Swing ‘10

Our big SE Asia family trip is now behind us; one last hurrah in Asia before heading home to the States. Singapore 4 days, Thailand 8 and Singapore for 2 more nights went by in a flash. Samy’s Curry House, Botanical Gardens and Little India were old favorites, but now we have several more new ones to add; Jurong Bird Park, the Night Safari and the Singapore National Museum. And in Little India we found a fabulous little fresh squeeze juice bar in a food stall near Tekka Market. Thailand was excellent too, the Courtyard Marriott Prez’ Suite was pretty good livin’ and the pool + the Kid’s World combo made for great afternoon fun. Dad never found his golf swing despite playing six days straight but that was his fault not the weather’s nor the courses they were both picture perfect. The Hua Hin night market became our evening activity, more restaurants and food stalls than one could ever hope to visit in a year, plus the wide variety of tourist trinkets that one would expect in an open air market. The Hua Hin train station provided more diversion than one would normally expect, the nightly Diesel Freightliner made for wind in the hair, and dirt in the teeth excitement that only two Thomas fanatics could really appreciate.

Here is the Hua Hin train station.

Elephant riding...Ethan was asleep within 10 minutes.

This is our favorite restaurant IN THE WORLD...SAMY'S CURRY HOUSE. The best Indian food, served on banana leaves instead of plates. I just can't believe it took Jeff 9 years to take me back there. We ate there 3 of our 6 night in Singapore.

We loved the Jurong Bird Park.

What can I say? Their daddy after all is a sailor!


Alistair said...

You made my mouth water just WRITING about Samy's.....yum...yum...yum...I wish I could eat there, too!!

Love the dirt-in-the-teeth ;-) description....but, REALLY -- how can anything compare to taking your family to Hooters? There are some things only a father can teach a son....

ha ha ha!

Great pictures and GREAT story, Patty!! My favorite part is how you named it Southern Swing.


Tanya (NOT Alistair...he has re-set the defaults, so that his name automatically pops up. Unbelievable.)

Patty said...

:-) Other than photo descriptions Jeff wrote this blog post. Kind of explains "Southern Swing", huh??? :-) (and the addition of the Hooter's photo)

A, E, e, a said...

Adam went to that Hooters when he was in Singapore AND he is very proud of the picture of the boys with the Hooter's girl. Sounds like excited that your countdown is almost up!!!!!!