Monday, February 22, 2010


Photos are from a 60 mile ride out to the Odawara Castle along Rt 134.

Our vast readership is keenly aware of the cycling undercurrents allusive
within this blog, you've certainly noticed the many bike trips to Zushi
mentioned as well as candids of tuckered out tikes asleep in bike trailers.
That we do not wear our love for cycling 'on our sleeve' like some other
bloggers do, who go as far as riding portions of Tour stages or tout their
exploits on wintry European cyclo-cross trails in an effort to ensure their
ascendancy as cycling fanatics, does not mean that we here at the humble
'Kanto Plain Blog' are any less passionate about the sport.

Our passion here on the Kanto Plain is contained in the subtle joys of passing
Y-plates along Rt 24 in the morning traffic and then noticing them enter the
CFAY gates well after you've already passed thru security; its about catching
a draft near Funakoshi and riding it all the way to Yokosuka, it's about
working along the Rt 134 coast road at 25 mph and passing JNs on their
scooters. Yes, we here on Honshu don't need to see the flashy techno-colored
jerseys of the professional elites to maintain our spirit for the sport; we
get by on old fashioned riding to keep us spinning. Our time spent cycling
here in Japan will be sorely missed, and with heavy heart we return home to a
less friendly cycling environ. Although we will continue to look forward to
the exploits of other bloggers who live in cycling's Mecca and will always be
grateful for whatever meager scraps of Tour paraphernalia the more fortunate
are willing to provide.


Tanya said...

Very funny...;-)

I'm going to get him right now so he can see this. He's glued to the Olympic coverage of Nordic Skiing, but will probably forfeit just to get a peek at this...

You know, eight hours from Atlanta. I'm just saying.....

Alistair said...

Nice post. Cycling (whatever kind) is always good.

Tanya said...

Hey! I was thinking you could keep the same title for the blog, but just add a new by-line underneath that says: ..."via Hampton Roads" or some other VA thing. I would never ask you to consider "Virginia Peanuts" after all... :-)

ha ha!

I hope all is well for you -- am looking forward to reading about MUKADE in the box.